Celebrating Property and Construction across Dorset and Hampshire


Building upon the firm foundations and ongoing success of the BH and SO Star Awards, construction and property organisations are encouraged to get involved in a new initiative, The Groundbreaking Awards. These awards will be celebrated across Dorset and Hampshire.


The Groundbreaking Awards will culminate in a fabulous, fun-filled ‘raise the roof’ celebration of construction and property and incorporate a vibrant and creative approach in launching and publicising these prestigious awards to both entrants and supporters.


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Each site will lead you to specific details about how the awards will work in your area.





 Our ceremonies are always dynamic and engaging, creating energy, a buzz and feel-good factor. The awards will encourage businesses to focus and develop their brand and profile, improve sustainability and boost economic development.

Cross referrals, networking and local partnerships have resulted from our successful Star Awards, which is why we want to hear from sponsors or supporters who wish to get behind the Groundbreaking Awards. They may range from building firms and architects to further and higher educational establishments, and span everything from residential to retirement builds, bespoke craftsmanship used in showstopper properties or simply exceptional suppliers. 

To launch, we need our local community and everyone across the county to take these proposed awards to heart – as sponsors, venues or partners – especially those supporting trainees or people beginning careers, because their flair and dedication represents the next generation of Dorset’s finest.

The Groundbreaking Awards is a celebration of construction and property across Dorset and Hampshire. Get involved today!

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